Pool Filter Services in Birmingham, Alabama

Expert Pool Filter Services in Birmingham, Alabama


The filter is the heart of your swimming pool, essential for maintaining clean, clear water.

At Elite Pool Services, we provide comprehensive pool filter services to ensure your pool is always at its best.

From sand changes and cartridge replacements to leak repairs and multiport valve fixes, we have you covered.

Sand Change/Replacement

Over time, the sand in your pool filter can become clogged and less effective at trapping debris. Our sand change service will remove the old, ineffective sand and replace it with fresh, clean sand, restoring your filter's efficiency and extending its lifespan.

Cartridge Cleaning

Cartridge filters need regular cleaning to maintain their efficiency. Our expert technicians will remove the cartridge, clean it thoroughly to remove all debris and buildup, then reinstall it, ensuring your filter continues to function at its peak.

Cartridge Replacement

Sometimes, cleaning isn't enough, and a cartridge needs to be replaced. Whether it's due to wear and tear or damage, we can provide a high-quality replacement cartridge that fits your filter system perfectly and restores its effectiveness.

Leak Repair

A leaking filter can cause your pool to lose water, increase your water bill, and reduce the effectiveness of your filtration system. Our technicians can quickly identify and repair leaks, preventing further water loss and damage to your pool.

Multiport Valve Repair/Replacement (Top Mount)

The multiport valve is a critical component of your pool filter system. If it's not working correctly, your filter's effectiveness can be severely compromised. Whether your valve needs a simple repair or a complete replacement, our technicians can handle it.

D.E. Cartridge Replacement

Diatomaceous earth (D.E.) filters are highly effective but require regular cartridge replacements to stay efficient. We can provide and install high-quality D.E. cartridges, ensuring your filter continues to remove the smallest particles from your pool water.

Pressure Gauge Replacement

A malfunctioning pressure gauge can prevent you from accurately monitoring your filter's performance. We offer pressure gauge replacement services to ensure you always have a clear understanding of your filter's operation.

General Filter Replacement

If your pool filter is old, damaged, or simply not performing as it should, a general filter replacement may be the best solution. Our team can recommend and install the best filter for your specific pool, ensuring optimal water clarity and cleanliness.

Spider Gasket Repair

The spider gasket in your multiport valve is crucial for maintaining proper water flow through your filter. If it's damaged or worn out, we can carry out a precise repair or replacement to restore your filter's full function.

Choose Elite Pool Services for Your Pool Filter Needs

Don't let a faulty pool filter ruin your swimming experience. Contact Elite Pool Services at (205) 490-1385 for reliable pool filter services in Birmingham, Alabama. Our certified professionals will ensure your pool filter is in tip-top shape, so you can enjoy crystal clear water all season long.


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