Pool Light Services in Birmingham, Alabama

Professional Pool Light Services in Birmingham, Alabama


Pool lighting adds not only ambiance but also enhances safety during nighttime swimming.

However, these lights require regular servicing to ensure they function optimally.

At Elite Pool Services, we offer comprehensive pool light services to keep your pool glowing all night long.

Bulb Replacement

A burnt-out bulb can dim your pool's brilliance. Our expert technicians will swiftly replace any burned-out bulbs with high-quality, energy-efficient ones, restoring the luminosity and beauty of your pool.

Lens Gasket Replacement

A worn-out lens gasket can lead to water seeping into your light fixture, causing a myriad of problems. We offer lens gasket replacement services to prevent potential water damage and extend the lifespan of your pool lights.

LED Light Upgrade – Color or White

LED lights offer vibrant, energy-efficient lighting for your pool. Whether you prefer the traditional white light or want to bring some color to your pool experience, we can upgrade your current lighting system to LED, adding elegance and excitement to your pool area.

Light Replacement

Sometimes, a bulb change isn't enough, and the entire light fixture needs to be replaced. Our team can perform a full light replacement service, ensuring your pool continues to shine bright even after sundown.

Light Leak Detection

Leaks around your pool light can lead to significant water loss and damage. Our light leak detection service identifies and addresses any leaks promptly, protecting your pool and saving you money in water bills.

Pool Light Transformer Replacement

The transformer is a critical component of your pool light system. If it fails, none of your pool lights will work. Our expert technicians can diagnose and replace faulty transformers, ensuring your pool's lights remain bright and functional.

Choose Elite Pool Services for Your Pool Light Needs

A properly lit pool is not just beautiful; it's also safe. With Elite Pool Services, you can rest assured knowing that your pool lights are in the hands of professionals. Contact us at (205) 490-1385 for reliable pool light services in Birmingham, Alabama. Keep your pool light and bright all year round with Elite Pool Services.


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